Friday, July 19, 2013

And So It Begins....

Ginny on her potty last night.
Not long after the new year started, I began contemplating when I would start to potty train my toddler, Ginny. Her second birthday was coming up. Logically, that meant it would soon be time to stop using diapers with her. In an effort to start the process, I bought her a potty and placed it in her bathroom. She would follow me into to the bathroom and would sit on her potty when I sat on the toilet. It became a game, of sorts.

Yet, I kept putting off the inevitable. I wanted to make sure she was ready. I even bought a book, "Toilet Training for Dummies" (yes, that is real), plus two read aloud stories for Ginny. Reading done, I still felt (and still feel) ill-prepared for potty training. Potty training a two-year-old is not nearly as easy as potty training a dog. That was easy! My dog was potty trained in less than three days. I stuck her in her crate then took her outside every couple of hours. Apparently, that method is not recommended for children.

So, after delaying and delaying, I made the decision to go for it. I'm not 100% sure if Ginny is ready to be potty trained. I keep hoping she will be like other kids who self-train. My husband has a cousin who has a son that is 6-weeks younger than Ginny. He potty trained himself at 18 months old, maybe younger.  A college friend's daughter did the same right around the time she turned two. Why can't Ginny be that motivated?

Watching Sofia the 1st while sitting.
Since that miracle of self-training seems unlikely to happen, I am doing my best to get Ginny out of diapers and using the potty. Yesterday, I introduced the concept to my daughter. After dinner, I took off her pants and diaper, leaving her half-naked. I placed the potty chair in the living room and put Ginny on the potty. She happily sat there as she watched Mickey Mouse on T.V. I let her get off the potty after 15 minutes to play and then 15 minutes later, repeated the process. It was difficult to get her off the potty. It bothered her that she was lacking a diaper. We did this pattern for an hour and half until it was time for her to go to bed.

This morning, I started everything again. First thing after putting a top on her and taking off her diaper, I had her sit on the potty for 15 minutes. Then, we ate breakfast. When she was done, she had to sit on the potty again. We did the same pattern for a while, but after about an hour and half, Ginny rebelled, refusing to get back on the potty. She was done with sitting on the potty and not having a diaper on no longer concerned her. For over three hours, she ran around the house half-naked until it was time to eat lunch and take her nap. She sat on the potty a good portion of that time. Did she use the potty though? Nope. Not once. Luckily, she also didn't have any accidents either.
The empty potty. Ginny rebelled.

I suppose it was too much to ask that my daughter would miraculously take to the potty right away. I did learn that she has a greater deal of bladder control than I had ever realized. We will try again after her nap this afternoon and try again tomorrow in the same manner. I don't have high expectations, just high hopes. If nothing happens, then we will take a break for a couple days and try again next week.

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  1. the first time is the hardest - if they go in the potty just once, you can make a big deal of it and it seems that helps them to "get it." Getting that first time to happen, though, can be tough. Good luck!

    1. That is kind of what I figured. Thanks for the encouragement! :)